About Us

A place a new budding musician can find assistance with equipment and seasoned veteran musicians can get the abuse they expect!

Lessons available from some the finest instructors in the Twin Cities and…

  • Orchestral – Jazz – Rock – Folk – Latin – Blues – Funk and Country
  • Great inventory of strings – string sticks cords straps heads reeds brass lubricants
  • Parts ! Parts ! …and more parts
  • New and used Guitars – Drums – Cymbals – Amps
  • Large selection of vintage Drums and Parts!
  • Luthier Services for your Stringed Instruments
  • Brass And Woodwind Repair
  • Instructional Books in Stock and Special orders are two days away
  • We Buy Musical instruments!
  • We Consign your gear
  • Let the weird people come to Bud’s instead ~
  • Recording Equipment – PA Systems
  • No Extra Charge for special orders